From our pLink family to you and yours:

peace and love this Holiday Season.

May joy, peace, and love be abundant for you and yours!  The festive season is arriving, and all of us at pLink Leadership are looking forward to the holidays. Taking a break from work will allow us all to recharge, and have some restorative time with family and friends. Our offices will be officially closed, December 17 – January 3. We look forward to connecting with you when we return!

‘Twas The Night Before Momo* …

Alexis Robin, pLink Leadership COO

*MoMo (def): pLink Leadership’s all-in Monthly Momentum meeting

‘Twas the night before Momo and all through the house,
all the creatures were stirring, especially Grouch!
The Slacks were all answered by the pLink team with care,
in hopes that motivated leaders soon would soon be there

The plink team were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of PositiveNudges danced in their heads.
And Gretchen in her Cashmere and I in my cap,
were working to prepare for a long gratitude Slack.

When out on Linkedin there arose such a chatter,
we navigated over to see what was a flutter.
Away to the internet, we flew like a flash,
scrolled through the pLink page where wisdom was stashed.

The videos were streaming about remote teaming,
pLink Team members sharing about connection with meaning.
When to our wondering eyes should appear,
but a gorgeous holiday card with loads of pLink cheer.

With a little bit of glitter, so shiny and slick,
we knew in a moment it must have been Jen and Eric!
More creative than van Gogh, their designs they came!
We looked a little further and found some more names!

Now Georgette, now Steph, now Ace and Ms. Remington,
On Website, on Grammar, on Power Point and that Miro Joint.

As we marveled at design letting our pLink brand fly,
it was suddenly finance and data that caught our eye.
Xero invoices and assessments they flew,
with Airtable and outputs Amari would do!

And then in a twinkling, we heard in our hearts,
the operation team bringing together Coach on-boarding arts.
As we onboarded clients one after the other,
Angie, Karina and Stacie worked like a mother!

The coaches were next inspiring leaders,
upping their game as voracious readers.
A bundle of knowledge and hearts pure gold,
their powerful questions never get old.

Ranieka, Rebecca, Cindy and DeDe,
Renee and Erica, Jessica and Helly,
These coaches taught good humans about generous assumptions,
taking on reactivity with love and serious gumption.

LCPs, Nudges, PositivePace,
Beautiful tools to lead the professional development race.
Cindy keeps the curriculum just right,
ensuring our learning objectives are tight.

We can’t leave out our Social Media gal,
who slacked a few words but was always a pal.
Kristyn, she answered the commenter’s posts,
for her years of great service, she deserves a big toast!

And then there was one who filled a great need,
an Airtable guru and who’s jolly indeed.
Seth builds us our templates and fixes our bases,
he’s a master at putting smiles on the pLink’s faces.

As Gretchen and I basked in the glow,
of so many amazing team members we know,
our love meters full, we headed off to sleep,
dreams of a company whose culture runs deep.

But I heard her exclaim
as I signed off the zoom,
It’s so beautiful, it’s whimsical,
it’s pLink in full bloom!

keep scrolling!