Stacie Kenton

Stacie Kenton

Stacie’s specialty is providing lightning-quick client care and wrangling all things administrative. With over 15 years’ experience in customer service and management in the banking and retail industry, Stacie decided to take her organizing and customer-care talents to new heights by stepping into the online world as a Virtual Administrative Partner. Stacie and Gretchen began working together in 2011, and they quickly found things to be a perfect fit. Now she enjoys providing attentive support for pLInk Leadership.

Stacie’s absolute favorite place to be in the world is at home on her Ohio farm with her fiancé Travis, their chocolate labs, CJ and Remington, and their resident mouser, Tumble.

Q&A with Stacie

Where I grew up: Houston, OH (aka Small Town, USA)

My family: My incredibly handsome fiancé and high school sweetheart (Travis), our two chocolate labs (CJ and Remington), and our barn cat (Tumble)

My favorite music: Country – old and new

My favorite foods: Tacos, avocado, chips and salsa. And anything I harvest and cook myself.

My favorite cocktail: An old-fashioned or a mint julep

What I like to do in my spare time: Spending time in the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, gardening, hiking, boating … anything that gets me outside in the fresh air.

My first job: Valet parking attendant (at 16 – what were they thinking?)

Something no one would believe about me: I love to hunt and fish and rarely have to buy meat at the supermarket. If it’s in our freezer, Travis or I most likely harvested it ourselves.

Your intuition is your most trusted advisor.

Stacie Kenton