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Transformative leadership development that brings positive leadership to scale in a realistic and sustainable way so people and profit thrive in swift and complex environments.

Partnering with us creates a talent pipeline of skilled, values-aligned, and conscious leaders focused on creating the outcomes that matter the most in the workplace of the future.

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Cultivating Leadership​

Advancing Skills, Strengthening Character, and Expanding Consciousness

Welcome to our unique development ecosystem. Our approach drives horizontal development – expanding skills and competencies – as well as vertical development, which involves elevating consciousness and broadening strategic outlooks.

We aim at five key impact areas: enhancing self-awareness, strengthening relationship skills, modeling courageous authenticity, systems awareness, and driving tangible results.

Our clients attest to our unique and transformative approach to leadership development. Imagine a world where positive leadership is standard practice – where the world of work is better, and life is richer. This is the world we’re building with clients like you.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Charlotte H. Jackson, Program Analyst
Charlotte H. Jackson, Program AnalystFEMA/ Department of Homeland Security, Public Assistance Division, HQ Field Operations Support Branch, Resource Augmentation Section
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I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional leadership training you provided. The knowledge, insights, self-awareness, and skills I gained from the training have been truly invaluable. Your expertise and dedication to helping us develop as leaders were evident throughout the program. I particularly appreciated your ability to create a safe and open environment where we could freely share our thoughts. I’m confident all that I learned will contribute to my personal growth as well as the success of my team.
AnonymousPositive Leadership Lab Participant
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My thoughts on being a leader have changed. Before the program, I viewed leadership as managing people and being the only person in the organization with solutions. Now I realize that leadership takes place at all levels of an organization. Leadership is not about one person making a change - it's about building relationships with colleagues and empowering them to work in their strengths.
TimEmerging Leaders Leadership Lab Participant
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The program helped a lot with self-awareness. It gave me time to think about my team as a team rather than just a group of individuals, and how different strengths within the team could be used for different things. The course also gave a great toolkit for having feedback conversations and has made me appreciate the importance of these kinds of learning discussions for both my benefit and the the benefit of others in the team.

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