Data-Driven results

Our Impact

Our Impact

To lead means to accomplish your goals while maximizing the experience of others. Our strength is in supporting human beings in becoming more authentic and effective leaders while navigating new and uncertain circumstances, in-flux priorities, distributed decision making, highly matrixed organizations, and dynamic team structures — while leading remote teams, managing complex human relationships, and maintaining a sense of purpose and balance.

Results we get through our Leadership Development Programs

We think the most powerful advertising is word-of-mouth, so along with measuring progress on learning objectives, we ask: how likely are you to recommend this experience to a colleague? We are proud to share that to date, in 2021, 97% of our program participants are “likely” or “highly likely” to recommend our programs to others.

  • Results for the Individual Leader
  • Results for the Team
  • Results for the Organization

Observable within 90 days

  • Increased confidence
  • Ability to think from multiple perspectives
  • More self-awareness
  • More accurate and deep reflection
  • Clear plans for next steps
  • Increased skills for receiving and onboarding developmental feedback
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved ability to build strong relationships with team and colleagues
  • A clearly articulated leadership style

Observable within 6-12 months

  • Increased trust in self, each other, and ability to navigate uncertainty
  • Increased willingness to collaborate
  • Improved communication – more pro-active and fewer misunderstandings
  • Improved focus and clear priorities
  • Agile thinking and improved skills at re-grouping after a change
  • Improved ability to bounce back after a setback
  • Greater success in accomplishing priorities

Observable within 1-3 years (critical mass takes consistent effort over time)

  • Shared definition of leadership brand and cross-organization identity (transcends siloed thinking and leading)
  • A focus on individual and collective leadership simultaneously = greater organizational effectiveness
  • Increased speed of adaptation
  • A consistent, collaborative “link and build” orientation to innovation and progress
  • Increased coaching bench strength in the organization
  • Self-replicating ROI as increasingly effective leaders mentor and develop other leaders within the organization

Results we get through our Executive Coaching

We are going to tell it to you straight, when you need it, and create a lot of space for you to explore your challenges. Then we are going to be right there when you get brave and try something new, which in some cases can mean letting go of something old.

To gauge the impact our coaching makes, we measure change across 14 Leadership Behaviors, 5 Vitality metrics, and 1 Clarity on Growth Trajectory metric. Our awesome Coaching Look Back makes progress visible and supports our clients in articulating their progress and keeping track of their successes.

Our Clients

At pLink Leadership, our team of executive coaches leverages over twenty years of experience working across a broad array of organizations and institutions.

Client Stories

We listen for our success in the success stories of our clients. These are stories of getting to know oneself better, deleting old mindsets that are no longer accurate, and leaning into strengths with grounded confidence. Stories of developing others, delegating with confidence, prioritizing with decisiveness, and leading with vision and purpose. Stories of navigating a global pandemic, negotiating highly matrixed organizations, handling “pop up” teaming, shifting strategic focus, changing ownership, taking ownership on, becoming a manager, a VP, a CEO, or a founder. They are stories of resilience and positive growth – stories of momentum.