The pLink Difference

What is “pLink”?

What is “pLink”?

pLink Leadership has one big goal: to accelerate positive change by fusing the sciences of human nature with the discipline of leadership to transform the world of work. We call this “the positivity link,” and it is the origin story of our name – and our daily practice. We are a team of executive coaches, design wizards, writers, editors, and ops people, who bring it all together to propel others beyond better.

The Quest for Greatness is in our DNA

Fueled by our core values of future-mindedness, curiosity, perspective, and love, we want to know, and we want you to know, what the evidence says will work, what the common patterns of mistakes are, and what we’ve seen actually work, because common knowledge is not the same thing as common practice.

Go beyond competence…

We are:

  • a 100% virtual organization (since our founding in 2013) doing our best work around the world – because we can!
  • women-founded and women-led
  • committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • tough-minded and tender-hearted
  • coaches, facilitators, teachers, and consultants – but never at the same time
  • whole-system architects working with deliberately developing organizations that are intentional about growth and development across the whole system – individual, team, and organizational.

We envision

A world where positive leadership is the norm, and the individuals and the organizations it powers are a force for positive change.

We fuse

The science of human nature with the discipline of leadership to facilitate adaptation, enable organizational and human flourishing, and accelerate positive change.

We serve

Leaders striving to work at a higher level of consciousness to close the gap between complexity of mind and complexity of environment.

We believe

Positive leaders are highly self-aware and deliberately developing human beings.
Positive leadership is a competitive advantage and can be learned, observed, and measured.
Positive leadership elevates everyone and everything that it touches, including the bottom line.
Positive leaders. Positive change. Better world.

Our Values


Suspending certainty, remaining open, and asking great questions.


Pioneering with an eye to the future and a steady foot in today.


Walking the talk of the brave and the bold.


Seeking wisdom, insight, and inspiration from historians, thought leaders, and trailblazers.


Non-judgment, empathy, and self-compassion.

What’s in a name?

In case you are wondering …

What’s in a name? pLink  (pronounce “p” – link), represents the “link” between positivity and leadership where positivity is defined by the science of human flourishing, perspective, and know-how, as well as attitude.