Client Stories

Client Stories

We listen for our success in the success stories of our clients. These are stories of getting to know oneself better, deleting old mindsets that are no longer accurate, and leaning into strengths with grounded confidence. Stories of developing others, delegating with confidence, prioritizing with decisiveness, and leading with vision and purpose. Stories of navigating a global pandemic, negotiating highly matrixed organizations, handling “pop up” teaming, shifting strategic focus, changing ownership, taking ownership on, becoming a manager, a VP, a CEO, or a founder. They are stories of resilience and positive growth – stories of momentum.

Our Clients

At pLink Leadership, our team of executive coaches leverages over twenty years of experience working across a broad array of organizations and institutions.

Client Stories


Facebook invited pLink Leadership to facilitate the workshop for their Women’s Leadership Day with 150 C-suite leaders and rising stars in the advertising industry. We created a bespoke program, Creating Space for Courage to Grow, centered on the practices necessary to become brave leaders. We presented this dynamic and interactive program in the morning; in the afternoon, we led a robust conversation about the challenges and opportunities that come with being women in leadership. One activity was to invite each woman to place herself on a continuum: part of the solution, neutral, or part of the problem. The response to this invigorating day was overwhelmingly positive from both the participants and the Facebook sponsors. #SheMeansBusiness

Agency Women’s Leadership Day at Current on Pier 59 on October 1, 2018 in New York City


Hilton invited pLink Leadership to lead a full-day workshop to help Sales and Operations work together with increased trust and synergy. We crafted a program to explore Trust and Vulnerability and to set up Guiding Principles for the team. We wrapped up this dynamic, high-energy session with a 90-minute interactive webinar. Follow-up emails later refreshed the team on key concepts and agreements. Participants welcomed the learnings around key concepts, such as a shared definition of trust. They also cheered the clarity around the takeaways, which included 4 work commitments – “operating agreements” created by and for the team – and the action steps needed to make them happen.

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