Behind the scenes with Alexis

Where you can find me on the weekend: Snowboarding in Tahoe, riding my Peloton, drinking coffee on my porch, or sunning myself on my standup paddle board

My guilty pleasure is: Champagne, French fries, and sleeping in.

Advice I give but I am bad about taking: “Give yourself plenty of time to prepare.” I get my most creative inspirations at the last minute so I’m not super good at preparing a long time in advance.

My superpower is: Creating a space where people feel safe and genuinely loved.

My most embarrassing facilitator moment: When I changed a slide to fix a spelling error and ended up with the wrong information on the screen while I was talking about “Competence”

Funniest thing my family has said to me about coaching: My husband once said, “Some days I can’t believe you are a coach” – at one of my less-than-finer moments.