Behind the scenes with Gretchen

Where you can find me on the weekend: In the woods, on the water, cozied up on the chair in my front room overlooking the gardens, in the kitchen, and sometimes working, because I love my work.

My guilty pleasure is: Chocolate, but it’s not guilty – It’s just straight-up pleasure!

Advice I give but I am bad about taking: “Find time every day to do nothing.”

My superpower is: Connecting the dots. I “see” the way disparate parts of information hang together and can spot insights from far away.

My most embarrassing facilitator moment: Splitting the entire seam of my pants (brand new, I might add) when I bent over to move an easel. It was early, so I was on my own but had to use the stapler in my Facilitator Kit to staple the seam and then move VERY carefully the whole rest of the day. It was extremely distracting!

Funniest thing my family has said to me about coaching: “Oh Mom, that’s good (referring to one of my coaching insights) – you should stitch that on a pillow.”