Behind the scenes with Renee

Where you can find me on the weekend: At the ranch, mucking stalls or playing with horses

My guilty pleasure is: Hallmark movies, hands down

Advice I give but I am bad about taking: “Plan ahead.” Truthfully: I am very creative and spontaneous in the moment — and am most productive under a time crunch!

My superpower is: Knowing when no words are needed, just compassion.

My most embarrassing facilitator moment: The projector in the training room randomly kept turning the videos and PowerPoint slides upside down! After a while, we were all laughing at what looked like people walking in space and horses running across the sky upside down.

Funniest thing my family has said to me about coaching: Coach talk: I heard my sister-in-law, a realtor, say to another broker, “I’m not sure what will help – that house really has issues…” Cracked me up!