Behind the scenes with

Where you can find me on the weekend: In front of a television during football season, tending to meat on my smoker, or driving my daughter to one of her social events.

My guilty pleasure is: I love Chick-fil-A milkshakes!! The seasonal peach, or peppermint… or cookies & cream if I’m willing to feel really guilty :-).

Advice I give but I am bad about taking: “You should really get away from the computer during your non-work hours!”

My superpower is: I’m a great “hype man”! I can give a great introduction for a fellow speaker/facilitator or ignite a party crowd as a DJ.

My most embarrassing facilitator moment: I once gave a presentation and used the word “insemination” when I meant to say “inception.” The most embarrassing part was that I never realized it myself until someone told me during a break!

Funniest thing my family has said to me about coaching: My son exclaimed, “You’ve been letting me talk too long – I know you’ve got one of your coaching questions ready by now!”