Level Up Your Leadership Mojo

with Gretchen Pisano, MCC, MAPP

Gretchen’s latest Leadership Mojo Tip

The Power of Accountability in Leadership

Moving from common knowledge to common practice means understanding the skills and embodying the concept as your everyday way of being. In the beginning, it takes practice, and eventually, it becomes your practice.

Previously Featured Leadership Mojo Tips

Conversations Change the Future

Conversations change the future, and even great leaders mess them up. There are a few factors that predictably get in the way of great future-shaping conversations and compromise a leader’s ability to do them well.

The conversations that you inspire will earn you the title of leader. The conversations you lead will earn you the trust of others and continued growth.

10 Reads that Build Bolder, Freer Leaders

In my experience, the power of reading is not so much that the author is telling you something you don’t already know but that in the act of reading, you are connecting your own experience to a new way of thinking, which leads to inspired action.

Avoid the aspirational stack on your nightstand. Choose one summer read/listen and go for it. When you finish it, choose the next.

10 Mindsets of Positive Leaders

Develop a positive leader’s mindset. This month’s Leadership Mojo Tip is 10 Mindsets of Positive Leaders (and the behaviors that support them).

Train Your Brain and Land the Learning

Overcome resistance and translate learning to inspired action. This month’s Leadership Mojo Tip will help you train your brain, apply your insights, and create better outcomes.