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When we sold our sweet little house in South Lake Tahoe, CA a few years back, I finally went through a bunch of old boxes that had piled up dust for years in our garage. I found journal after journal, some from the late 90’s and early 2000’s! They all started in the same way: I resolve to … drink more water, sleep more, exercise 5 times a week, save money, be more compassionate, learn to _____. Each one had 3-5 pages filled in for January and then about 100ish crisp blank pages. By mid-January, I had failed at my resolutions. The only thing that got better over time was my handwriting. That was until I changed my frame. I decided resolutions were out and intentions were in! I stopped buying journals and started writing a letter to myself as if it were 12/31 of the next year. That’s when more than my handwriting improved. 

What I realized was, by setting intentions for my future self, I had a whole 12 months to work toward them.

  • Resolutions required me to fix everything on January 1. As if I could just wake up the morning after a late-night celebration with glitter in my hair and change who I was immediately. 
  • With intentions set, I could observe my habits and reflect on whether they were getting me closer to or further from the person I wanted to be. 
  • I had time and space to pilot approaches and pivot when something didn’t work.
  • When old habits crept in or my attention waned, I would pull the letter out and read it, stoking my inspiration. 
  • My small wins built up over time, and by December, I was feeling proud of myself rather than discouraged. I broke the resolution cycle. And saved some trees along the way!

Three Brave Ways to Use Intentions to Move Towards What You Want

Accelerate in a big way

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Alexis Robin

Alexis Robin is the CXO of pLink Leadership. A sought-after speaker on the topics of brave leadership, team synergy, and positive communication, Alexis works globally, coaching leaders at the individual, team, and organizational level. She lives in Truckee, CA, with her husband and teenaged twins.