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Stephanie Lundeen - Editor in Chief
Editor in Chief

I’m not much of a gardener, but I have achieved notable success with my raspberries. Four years ago, I transplanted about a dozen stubby starts, and the plants are now six feet tall!  But in gardening, with great success comes great responsibility: when it came time to harvest, I assumed that I needed to collect EVERY ONE of those beautifully ripe berries when they were at the peak of perfection. As a result, harvesting them became quite the ordeal. I had to clear my calendar, rally the reluctant troops (namely, my kids, who hate the resident bees and the tiny thorns), and then deal with a mountain of quickly deteriorating berries. Worst of all, the self-imposed stress turned me into a productivity-focused monster.

When the first ripe berries appeared this year, my excitement quickly succumbed to dread. But I caught myself. Looking at the imposing plants, I realized I could change my mindset. Instead of one do-or-die event, I could rethink harvesting and turn it into a process. So, I adopted an entirely new approach: every day or two, I checked a different plant and gathered some of the best berries. The results?

  • The chore transformed into a daily process that benefitted all parties.
  • My repeated and highly focused attention helped me to spot problems early and continually improve.
  • The new process yielded a bigger outcome – and more joy – than ever before.

Shifting my mindset transformed everything. As leaders, we must be willing to challenge our mindsets. When we question a basic definition or rethink a process, we open up the possibility to shift our entire outlook. What then becomes possible?

Recognize a limiting mindset by paying attention to somatic cues, like the knot in your stomach or the weight on your shoulders.

Get curious about a troublesome detail or a basic definition – start asking yourself questions and see where they lead.

Zoom out to reframe the largest issues, such as purpose or outcomes, in a new context.

What becomes possible when, as leaders, we challenge our mindsets?
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Stephanie Lundeen

Bringing her detail-oriented editing skills and research chops to pLink Leadership’s inimitable products, Stephanie has over 10 years of experience as an editor. She earned a doctorate in English at Loyola University Chicago and worked for more than twenty years as an educator. In addition to college-level English courses, Stephanie has taught English as a Second Language in a variety of settings, from Wyoming to Argentina. Along with her partner Ron, their three children, and several pets, she currently makes her home in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley in Washington State.