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Erica Mohr
A note from Erica

Every January, I pick a word to set my yearly intention. In 2021, my word was “love.” By August, I had met Pete, and two weeks ago, we got engaged! For context, I’m 48 and have never been married, so this is a very big deal. On the surface, my story may seem straightforward: goal set and accomplished. 

If you dig deeper, however, you learn that my intention of “love” not only gave me perseverance to endure the dating apps a little longer, but it also guided me to choose to love myself. As it turns out, leaning into self-love is what truly opened me up to a relationship. If I had simply set the goal of “find a partner,” I would likely have remained on the dating merry-go-round. My love intention challenged me to remain open to love in all its forms, including the form of self-compassion. 

Grow in a big way

Try setting an intention, rather than a specific goal, for 2023. 

Want a promotion at work? Set an intention around creating impact.

Want to write a book? Try an intention of flow.

Want to run a marathon? Set the intention of vitality instead. A vitality intention will not only guide your actions to follow through on workouts, but it will also help you make better diet choices, set a better morning routine, and set more clear work boundaries.   

Why set intentions?

  • To keep you open to opportunities that arise
  • To allow for perspective when you experience setbacks — the focus is on the journey, not the destination.
  • To guide your attention, helping you to laser-focus on what you want more of.

When you do this, love, impact, vitality, [insert your word here] is bound to expand in ways you can’t predict, and that just might make all the difference.

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3 Brave Ways to set intentions
3 brave ways to set intentions

Identify in one word: What do you want more of in 2023?


Notice: What parts of your life are ripe to cultivate that intention?


Create a support plan: How can you build in support from yourself, from others, and within your environment?

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Our intention guides out attention.
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Erica Mohr

Obsessed with impact, Erica Mohr is a high achiever and fiercely loyal client champion. Using curiosity, kindness, and collaboration, she seeks to support her clients in transforming old leadership paradigms. Erica has a vision of empowering, sustainable leadership that simultaneously creates personal well-being. She is currently based in Washington D.C.