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pLink Leadership will celebrate turning ten years old next year! We have been thinking, writing, teaching and coaching on psychology, energy, self-authorship, identity work, and the marrying of task and purpose for nearly a decade. I have been pondering these topics ever since I noticed, three decades ago, that the biggest obstacle to executing on strategy is human nature. It is incredible, really, how we get in our own way.

We’ve decided to call ourselves to task on our vision of accelerating positive change in a big way. In pLink’s virtual offices, we’re asking ourselves the same questions we’ve posed to leaders around the globe: “What can you start doing/do more of? Stop doing/do less of?” We have guided hundreds of high-performing leaders, both emerging and established, at some of the world’s largest companies to live and lead on purpose with emotional intelligence and intention, resulting in impactful transformation.

Until now, our work has flowed through our customers—your employers. With our double-digit birthday on the horizon, we will continue that great work and also expand our capacity to flow our insights and practical wisdom intentionally and directly to you.

What can you count on us for?

  • Weekly emails, each with its own focus, speaking directly to the 3 fundamental commitments of exceptional leaders: Competence, Character, and Consciousness.
  • Content that inspires, emboldens, lightens the load, and shifts your perspective.
  • Opportunities direct to your Inbox (before anybody else sees them)!
  • Positive energy. Always positive energy.
  • The ability to manage what you get and how often.

Leadership can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. What if you could be an ever-improving leader with a natural sense of ease about yourself? What if you could shoulder the weighty, difficult decisions of leadership with a light heart and a generous smile? Leaders who are committed to their own growth know that they need to tap into positive energy and motivation every day. We’ve got you.

Until soon,

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Positive leadership elecavtes everyone and everything it touches, including the bottom line.

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Commit to being a bold, brave leader who has a natural ease about yourself. Enrich your life by connecting with positive leaders, such as through LinkedIn and Instagram—and actively prune back connections who don’t do that for you. Then share the good stuff!

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Gretchen Pisano

Gretchen Pisano is the CEO and co-founder of pLink Leadership®. As a Master Certified Coach, her life’s work is helping people become wildly effective leaders and more awesome humans, fostering the transformation of business. The mother of three, Gretchen lives with her husband, children, and Goldendoodles in Maryland.