pLink Happenings 2022-08

We don't have to do this leadership thing alone.

At the Harvard Coach’s Conference a few years back, our team learned that the perceived steepness of a hill is higher when we are alone and less steep when we are with a friend. Leadership can feel lonely, and you aren’t alone. We’re glad you are here and part of the pLink family! 

Alexis and Erica
You can become a more effective leader who can create better outcomes.
You can become a more effective leader who can create better outcomes.
Build courage at work

Join us for a Dare To Lead™ virtual workshop beginning September 7. 

Coach Fresh

Gretchen’s been working on her awesome new article series on LinkedIn, called Coach Fresh, that helps leaders level up their mojo. This month, she’s talking about the levels of leadership. Utilizing this conceptual framework allows us to illustrate to our coaching clients where they are on the journey and what’s getting in their way.

pLinks in action
pLinks in action
Alexis and Cindy
On the road

Cindy and Alexis are on the road in Los Angeles, CA, facilitating a Dare To Lead™ workshop to help leaders build their courage!

Amplify other voices
Amplify other voices
Jenn and Georgette

Photo: Friends at pLink Leadership: Georgette and Jen visit in person when Georgette was road-tripping across the country.

Do you have a friend at work?

Check out this great article; What Should Leaders Know About Friendships at Work? by Sally Percy.

Ranieka Weston
pLink Keynote - Inclusive Leadership

Book Ranieka Weston to talk to your audience about being an inclusive leader. 

pLink podcasts
pLink podcasts
The Bright Side logo image
The Bright Side: Life and Leadership

You’re going to love these bite-sized leadership development podcasts by our CXO and co-founder, Alexis Robin. Stay up-to-date on your development, 10 minutes at a time.