pLink Happenings 2022-09

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The return of routine.

It’s that time of year again, where pumpkin spice and gourds abound, and we all feel a little more settled as we fall into our routines after a summer of fun, long, light-filled days. We consider this our “New Year” at pLink. As our clients get re-engaged, focused on work and on finishing the year strong, the work-world seems abuzz again.  

Welcome Weldolyne

We are thrilled to announce our newest Senior Executive Coach, Wendolyne “Wendol” Buckner. Throughout his career, Wendol has been a trusted advisor in many different organizations, including banks, CPA Firms, a commercial contractor, and a Fortune 500 technology company. His roles have included VP of Cultural Awareness for a corporate DEI initiative.

As a coach, he draws on an extensive background in and knowledge of human dynamics, project management, leadership development, and high-performing teams. With his support, his clients reach new levels of achievement, satisfaction, happiness, and personal freedom in their lives.

Wendol lives in Virginia with his wife and teenage daughter – his son is in college. He enjoys all types of music (leaning towards EDM and jazz) and is partial to seafood and sweets. 

Wendolyne "Wendol" Buckner
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Behind the scenes
Positive Leadership elevates everyone and everything it touches, including the bottom line.
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Gretchen Pisano at home
What Gretchen's up to - CoachFresh Blog

If you haven’t subscribed to Coach Fresh on LinkedIn, you are missing some serious leadership wisdom from Gretchen. Recent articles include:

  • 3 Ways to Lead Better Today
  • To Gain You Must First Lose: Winning your Leadership Journey, Parts 1 and 2
  • The Power of Being Seen and
    The Cost of Invisibility
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on the... road?

Alexis is on the road in her own backyard, delivering a keynote to Women Leaders for the Tahoe Chamber of Commerce on November 2nd – Courage to Thrive: Courageous Leadership for Complex Times 

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Alexis Robin at home
Amplify other voices
patagonia logo and garden image

Highlighting Yvon Chouinard’s values-driven leadership at Patagonia this month as he gives the company to the Earth. 

“Rather than selling the company or taking it public, Mr. Chouinard, his wife and two adult children have transferred their ownership of Patagonia, valued at about $3 billion, to a specially designed trust and a nonprofit organization.” NY Times

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The Bright Side: Life and Leadership

You’re going to love these bite-sized leadership development podcasts by our CXO and co-founder, Alexis Robin. Stay up-to-date on your development, 10 minutes at a time.

Georgette Hartley

An experienced digital marketer, Georgette is passionate about helping small- and medium-sized businesses connect with a big audience. Her professional background is in graphic design, tourism marketing, and hospitality, and she is a business owner and entrepreneur. She is currently based in South Lake Tahoe, CA, and she hikes, mountain bikes, and snowboards as often as possible.