Behind the scenes with Ranieka

Where you can find me on the weekend: At my son’s sporting events or watching a good movie

My guilty pleasure is: Licorice

Advice I give but I am bad about taking: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

My superpower is: Humor. I can use it to defuse and ignite any situation.

My most embarrassing facilitator moment: It was the second day of the training event, and I forgot to book the room, and yes, there were 25 people standing outside waiting to use the room – I could see them, but the participants couldn’t. Needless to say, we took an extra-long break. They didn’t realize that, when I returned, I literally ran around the building looking for a vacant room and explaining that I was new at this and pleading for them to allow us to stay in the room.

Funniest thing my family has said to me about coaching: When my son makes his air quotes and says, “My mom’s a coach.”