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Belonging at work pays dividends to both employee and employer. When employees feel like they belong, they take fewer sick days, give employers higher net-promoter scores, and turn over less*. All of this translates to bottom-line results for the organization. Even better than bottom-line results are employees who feel like they can be their authentic selves at work. 

When leaders create a space for people to feel like they can be their most authentic selves, it allows those people to focus their attention on innovation, solving adaptive challenges, and building relationships with colleagues. In the absence of that safe space, people spend up to half of their time managing what people think of them – and being something they are not. Feeling like you belong matters, and it’s important for leaders to create the space where people can be authentic. 

Alexis Robin


*Harvard Business Review (2019) The Value of Belonging at Work

Inclusive Leadership Practices

In an effort to support you in your leadership,
we are making our Inclusive Leadership Practices available to our subscribers.

The Connections Leadership Lab focuses on the foundational mindsets and competencies needed to lead the self effectively, and then to build relationships with others, in an authentic and high-integrity manner.

This course will lay a foundation for belonging, as your team shares in identifying their authentic selves through values. Participants will discover a renewed sense of appreciation for values as a source of strength and insight. Scales from 90 minutes to a full-day workshop.