100-Level Leaders

The 100 to 200 journey

100-level leaders on their way to 200-level are outstanding individual contributors with solid technical knowledge and a desire to improve continuously. People who consistently demonstrate excellence in their body of work are often promoted to manager. As a new manager, the expectation is that you will manage the work of several people, consistently delivering on time and within budget, thereby freeing up your manager to think and act at a higher conceptual level.

Common pinch point: New managers will resist the vulnerability of delegating while simultaneously taking on more and more in an effort to demonstrate their potential to the organization.

Solutions for 100-level leaders

Individual and Cohort

Executive Coaching

The ground truth is that the more effective your leaders are, the better your business performs. Adaptation is learn/unlearn/relearn in motion, and it is so much easier, faster, and more fun with our coaches.

Dare to Lead™

A novel leadership curriculum on the relationship between vulnerability and courage and how to do both well in life and work. Developed by Dr. Brené Brown, powered by pLink Leadership.

Leadership Lab

Positive Leadership

The Positive Leadership Lab is designed to increase new leaders’ ability to lead themselves effectively while maximizing the contribution of others through coaching, intentional trustbuilding, and feedback.

pLink Equus

Our gentle equine “colleagues,” along with your pLink coach, will illuminate blind spots and elevate your leadership in less than a day. It really is that good.