400-level Leaders

The 400 journey

The 400-level leader is a leader who understands and accepts that they do their best work through others. They are intentional about creating a senior team that leads collectively and nurturing the succession pipeline to ensure a long and healthy future for the organization. They consistently “zoom out” to consider external stakeholders, the larger business environment, and trends that may impact the business. They regularly engage their direct reports to “zoom in” on the business and make adjustments that maintain the organization’s trajectory. They are very good at keeping an eye to the future while maintaining a steady foot in today.

Common pinch point: Self-trust and collective senior team leadership.

Solutions for 400-level leaders

Individual and Cohort

Executive Coaching

The ground truth is that the more effective your leaders are, the better your business performs. Adaptation is learn/unlearn/relearn in motion, and it is so much easier, faster, and more fun with our coaches.


Positive Leadership CORE

Abbreviated immersive learning in the foundations of positive leadership with an emphasis on improved collective leadership (learning individually, apply together).

  • Positive outcome focused leadership behaviors
  • Operationalizing values
  • Building out a well-rounded team (not trying to be everything)
  • Intentional style 

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Navigating Complexity

Decisiveness in complex times

  • Complexity vs. Complicated, The Four Levels of Leadership, Identity, Impact and tease up vertical development
  • The distinction between horizontal and vertical development. The stages of vertical development. Conscious meaning making.
  • The practice of cultivating an adaptive mindset (observing and disputing our own thinking; letting go of outdated beliefs)
  • Identifying where complexity is at play in your environment and next steps.
  • Identifying obstacles to decisiveness (values and strengths in overdrive; beliefs; reactivity).
  • Practice is a decisiveness process that is easy.


Thriving Leader

The Thriving Leader workshop is designed to increase a leader’s ability to flourish and develop in a healthy way while successfully navigating the significant demands of the current work environment. Leaders will learn an evidence-based framework for optimal well-being, and the mindsets and competencies needed to turn overwhelm into focused and productive action.

This program delivers insights, provides coaching, and creates opportunities for individual gains in:

  • Resilience and a sense of well-being.

  • Focus and prioritization.

  • Effective leadership in the face of multiple demands.

And collective (team) gains in: 

  • Prioritization and accountability.
  • Productive relationships with others. 
  • Leading effectively through collective leadership.

Duration – 1 day (in person) or multiple session (virtual).

Time investment – varies by format.

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Inclusive Leadership

Dare to Lead™

A novel leadership curriculum on the relationship between vulnerability and courage and how to do both well in life and work. Developed by Dr. Brené Brown, powered by pLink Leadership.

pLink EQuus­™

Our gentle equine “colleagues,” along with your pLink coach, will illuminate blind spots and elevate your leadership in less than a day. It really is that good.