400-level Leaders

The 400 journey

The 400-level leader is a leader who understands and accepts that they do their best work through others. They are intentional about creating a senior team that leads collectively and nurturing the succession pipeline to ensure a long and healthy future for the organization. They consistently “zoom out” to consider external stakeholders, the larger business environment, and trends that may impact the business. They regularly engage their direct reports to “zoom in” on the business and make adjustments that maintain the organization’s trajectory. They are very good at keeping an eye to the future while maintaining a steady foot in today.

Common pinch point: Self-trust and collective senior team leadership.

Solutions for 400-level leaders

Individual and Cohort

Executive Coaching

The ground truth is that the more effective your leaders are, the better your business performs. Adaptation is learn/unlearn/relearn in motion, and it is so much easier, faster, and more fun with our coaches.

Anthony Pugliese, CIA, CPA, CGMA, CITP
Anthony Pugliese, CIA, CPA, CGMA, CITPPresident and Chief Executive Officer The Institute of Internal Auditors, Global Headquarters
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I cannot recommend pLink highly enough for any organization seeking to strengthen its culture, enhance productivity, and navigate periods of change successfully. Their expertise and guidance have been invaluable to me and my teams, and I am confident they will bring tremendous value to any organization they partner with.

Perspective Building for Leaders of Leaders​

Positive Leadership CORE

Elevate your team’s potential and chart a new course with our Positive Leadership CORE workshop series. Anticipate a shift towards leadership that’s more innovative, values-driven, and strengths-focused. Participants will learn/relearn how to foster trust, embody authenticity, and develop the courage to lead with intention. Join us in redefining leadership excellence.


Creative Leadership • Values in Action • Strengths-based Leadership • Leading with Trust • Leadership Style Guide


Self-awareness • Professional courage • Outcome-focused leadership • Authenticity • Zone of genius focus • Building trust • Extending trust • Proactive expectation setting

Time Investment

Virtual – Six (6) 2-hour workshops
In-person – 2.5 days (sequential or spread out, as desired)

Senior Leadership Team Development​

Navigating Complexity

A collection of alignment sessions designed to strengthen the performance and perspective of senior leadership teams. 

Focus on

Systems Thinking •  Prioritization • Evolving Feedback • Psychological Safety • Inclusive Leadership • Vertical Development • Adaptive Mindset • Demystifying Change • Decisiveness (when you don’t have all of the information)


Improved strategic perspective • Better decision-making • Improved communication • Aligned action • Improved results • Collective leadership

Time Investment

Virtual – Varies by design
In-person – Varies by design


Thriving Leader

Empower leaders at every level to enhance their capacity to thrive and grow in the demanding contemporary work landscape. Participants will discover and apply an evidence-based framework for optimal well-being; gain invaluable mindsets and competencies to transform overwhelming challenges into focused, productive actions; and improve their results with effective self-coaching.


Healthy Striving • Priorities & Choice • Self-Coaching for Better Results


Energy investment for high ROI • Work and life integration • Better prioritization • Heightened self-awareness • Increased focus and productivity • Improved results

Time Investment

Virtual – Four (4) 2-hour workshops
In-person – 1.0 day

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Inclusive Leadership


Vulnerability & Bias • Empathy & Self-compassion • Psychological Safety • Curiosity • Feedback


Self-awareness • Professional courage • Building trust • Extending trust • Empathy • Psychological safety • Intellectual openness

Time Investment

Virtual – Seven (7) 90-minute workshops
In-person – 2.0 days + Virtual Program Launch (sequential or spread out, as desired)

Dare to Lead™

A novel leadership curriculum on the relationship between vulnerability and courage and how to do both well in life and work. Developed by Dr. Brené Brown, powered by pLink Leadership.

pLink EQuus­™

Our gentle equine “colleagues,” along with your pLink coach, will illuminate blind spots and elevate your leadership in less than a day. It really is that good.