Virtual Leadership Development

pLink Workshops

Interactive virtual or in-person workshops delivered by a pLink Leadership duo, these sessions will engage, inform, and uplift.

ShikhaInfluencing Leadership Lab participant
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I loved the practice/mock sessions on each topic where we were forced to crawl out of our comfort zone in conversations as both a listener and a speaker. Being vulnerable really helped on both ends.

Leadership Labs

Virtual learning at its best – cohort based, focused, interactive, and immersive multi-modal learning experiences led by our pLink Executive coaches. Like a mini master’s course only way less stuffy.

CalvinInfluencing Leadership Lab participant
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I think of everything now from a "learner" rather than a "knower" mindset - I'd been told I was curious before starting the program, but now I'd call myself more actively curious. I've also given myself and other more grace when scheduling meetings and needing to move them. And I've found myself making a much greater use of open-ended questions than before, which has led to richer discussions among the colleagues I work with.

Dare to Lead™

A novel leadership curriculum on the relationship between vulnerability and courage and how to do both well in life and work. Developed by Dr. Brené Brown, powered by pLink Leadership.