Public Workshops

Public Workshops

Dare to Lead™

A novel leadership curriculum on the relationship between vulnerability and courage and how to do both well in life and work. Developed by Dr. Brené Brown, powered by pLink Leadership.

pLink Leadership Community

Navigating What's Next

Career transition can be challenging. It also brings significant opportunities to redefine your priorities and yourself. The process of honoring your achievements, remembering what you care about now, and letting go of beliefs that no longer serve you is fierce work. This course offers an intentional process to methodically ask and answer these tough questions for yourself, with the guidance of our executive coach team.

Have fun, get CCEs, and connect with like-minded coaches.

Positive Edge Coach Training

pLink Leadership’s Positive Edge Coaching provides an opportunity for trained coaches to develop and grow professionally through training and skills enhancement with the vibrant and experienced pLink team.