Julie Remington

Julie Remington

Julie’s happiest days are spent helping people learn, grow, and succeed as part of psychologically safe teams at work. She uses her 10+ years of experience designing and facilitating executive education and companywide learning programs to energize and engage teams virtually.

Her career journey includes a unique mix of experience in academia and tech. She’s worked in the aircraft industry as a tech, taught high school math and music, and designed learning and development programs and teams for growing tech companies.

In every endeavor, Julie cares deeply that people be respected as individuals and as team members. She aims to design learning experiences and teammate support that blend humanity and technology to maximize the benefits of each. She’s overly positive, a bit silly, and an exuberant cheerleader!

Q&A with Julie

Where I grew up: Buffalo, NY

My family: I feel so lucky to find family everywhere I go… I enjoy my aunt (auntie) status and treasure my parents, siblings, extended family, and friend-family I’ve collected along the way. 

My favorite music: Jazz+ (I love it all – but I always play Jazz daily.)

My favorite foods: Fried zucchini

My favorite cocktail: French 75

What I like to do in my spare time: Meditate, yoga, and binge-watch TV

My first job: I babysat and taught piano lessons as a young entrepreneur, but my first “real” job was a dishwasher / prep cook at a banquet restaurant.

Something no one would believe about me: I’m an introvert.

Inhale, pause. Exhale, pause. Repeat.

Julie Remington

Julie Remington - Senior Executive Administrator | Program Support
Senior Executive Administrator | Program Support