Individual and Collective

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Operating from a common base of experience and a shared philosophy on the drivers of human growth, our coaches bring a love for people, strong business acumen, practical insight, robust knowledge, and a strong commitment to the discipline of coaching (asking, not telling or selling) to every coaching relationship. Whether you are adapting to a new position, building a high performing team, lighting up blind spots, or unlearning old habits, the only thing between you and anything that you want is your mindset.

Individual Coaching

Coaching is the difference between frustration and accomplishment, learned helplessness and agency, stalling and thriving. As a result of engaging with our pLink Executive Coaches, our clients become more effective leaders – better versions of themselves, better colleagues, better team builders, better creators.

Our Approach
  • A dedicated cloud-based portal to keep track of the details and house on-demand resources.
  • A coaching bank of 10 hours to include a powerful 360 assessment, coached debrief, goal setting, and a series of follow-on coaching sessions to fully integrate the feedback into next-level leadership.
  • Personal, confidential, and insightful time with your dedicated pLink Leadership Coach. Unpack feedback, identify patterns, set goals, and craft a future you actually want. Be brave. Live big. We get you and we’ve got you!
Time and Cadence

One-hour sessions by video, bi-weekly. Most clients complete their first series within six months. Many opt to continue coaching because it’s that useful.


To gauge the impact our coaching makes, we measure change across 14 Leadership Behaviors, 5 Vitality metrics, and 1 Clarity on Growth Trajectory metric. Our awesome Coaching Look Back makes progress visible and supports our clients in articulating their progress and keeping track of their successes.

Our executive coaching clients report individual gains in learning to think from multiple perspectives (#1), being able to articulate their leadership style (#2), becoming more self-aware (tied for second place), and having the time and space to reflect deeply (#3).

The 360 Assessment

Many people have had poor experiences with 360 assessments. This is not one of those experiences. The Leadership Circle Profile™ is an evidence-based assessment that “magnifies why leaders do what they do and how they can transform.” We love it because it is built on a solid evidence base, it highlights mindsets and behaviors, and, perhaps most importantly, it illustrates what a person can move towards, rather than away from. Our clients love it because the feedback, along with the coaching, provide “learn today/apply tomorrow” opportunities that create real change.

Client Testimonial

Over time, I have delegated more than a quarter of my job, freeing up time to lead in powerful ways that have made the project and me qualitatively more successful. The coaching process made a real difference, not just in how empowered I feel, but in real outcomes.

2021 pLink Executive Coaching client

Coaching the Collective

High Performing Teams

While individual leaders can be highly effective with the teams that they lead, that does not always translate to the team that they are on. In fact, this is one of the great frustrations of high performers.

Our approach to this is to coach the “collective,” that is, who the team is as a whole and how the competence, character, and consciousness of the team is helping or hindering the organization at large.


Collective Coaching for High Performance can be a complement to individual coaching:

  • Sum of the Parts Approach – Each member of the team receives a 360 assessment and a series of individual coaching sessions + two full days (bookends) of full team development.
  • Virtual Leadership Lab – Visit our High Performance Teaming Lab page to learn more.

Client Testimonial

There are so many “leadership development” experts and consultants out there that it’s hard to know who can actually help. Only pLink, in my experience, takes the time to connect with each participant and understand their true struggles in order to help. Their materials are realistic and helpful and never rely on platitudes or formulaic “solutions.” Our entire leadership team has benefited from our time with pLink, as has the staff.

Participant of a 2021 Collective Coaching program