pLink Happenings 2022-11

Tis the season to be … busy, overwhelmed, cheerful, grateful, successful.  Does it all feel like too much? You are not alone. This time of year can feel overwhelming – and motivating at the exact same time. When it all becomes too much … slow down, take a breath, take…

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pLink Happenings 2022-10

There is no traffic jam on the road to your own development. Stop waiting for someone to develop you — drive your own leadership growth instead. We are thrilled to have opened up our pLink Leadership Community to the public this month.  Join this online community and ... Transform your…


pLink Happenings 2022-09

It’s that time of year again, where pumpkin spice and gourds abound, and we all feel a little more settled as we fall into our routines after a summer of fun, long, light-filled days. We consider this our “New Year” at pLink. As our clients get re-engaged, focused on work…


pLink Happenings 2022-08

At the Harvard Coach’s Conference a few years back, our team learned that the perceived steepness of a hill is higher when we are alone and less steep when we are with a friend. Leadership can feel lonely, and you aren’t alone. We’re glad you are here and part of…


pLink Happenings 2022-07

Summer is a fantastic time to savor. The days are longer, the mood is lighter, and it beckons us to bask in some fun and rest. Science says that savoring generates positive emotion, can deepen the meaning of an experience, and facilitates the strengthening of relationships with others. We invite…


pLink Happenings – June 2022

It takes a lot of courage to show up as your authentic self. We encourage the leaders we work with to lead in a way that allows employees to feel a sense of true belonging and show up as their true selves.